Message from the Chancellor

Dr. Foueti Motuhifonua.

We believe in enriching your studies with an experience Tailored to your academic and personal interests.

        Welcome to Commonwealth Vocational University where excellence is Cherished, pursued and celebrated! Yes we are the proud native Tongan University located principally at the heart of Tonga in Nukualofa. As a leading Educational institution, we belive that the fundamental exposition that Education promotes is the key to active participation in the transformation of Societies. We always prioritize student welfare and strive to delicately provide Students with an intellectually stimulating environment. The academics at CVU Have rich collaborative relations with global scholars in diverse fields including Public Health, Business Management , and Science & Technology.

        Today , the colleges and universities are facing greater challenges such As increase the quantity of service delivery, promote total quality management Of educational programs, provide practical as well as industry-oriented Syllabus, ensure a valuable campus environment, increase value added Programs, and offer benefits of developmental research to the communities in Need.

        As the Chancellor of the University, I consider myself privileged to lead The team with compassion and steadfast commitment towards achieving Excellence in all our activities. I am dedicated to provide an easy and accessible Leadership to put management systems in place and enhancing the Infrastructural facilities in CVU. I will strive in all sincerity to motivate and Rejuvenate every department and affiliated campuses of the university so that They shine as “Outstanding Units of Higher Education.

        I warmly welcome students at CVU, new and continuing, and commend The staff for their steadfast work. I thank our patron for exceptional work on the New home of CVU, lets together push Tonga’s boundaries of knowledge to Exemplary status!

Best regards to one and all.