Welcome To Commonwealth Vocational University

The Commonwealth Vocational University (CVU) is a 21 st Century new age learning institution Providing specialist Knowledge and quality eduction programmes in a varied range of disciplines. It Is the premier institution of higher learning across the Kingdom of Tonga, in the South Pacific Ocean. The university was issued Certificate of incorporation on 20 th August 2014 and the Charter was Approved on 14th November 2014. We take pride in mentioning that it is the native university in Tonga and it is funded by the various International Associations and Chambers’ of Commerce. Currently the main campus of CVU is in Nuku alofa, Tonga.

Why Choose CVU?

Pursue your academic goals in an environment that values both,Diversity individuality.

Here are some reasons to choose great The Commonwealth Vocational University!

        The CVU offers an education that will truly prepare you For success in the long run. Enroll for your favorite program and Begin your tertiary education with us, to discover the best of on- Campus experience across the globe.

We continually pursue the reputation for excellence

        At CVU, we expose you to genuinely unique ideas and Equip you with skills and knowledge to completely transform your Future. Your degree , when supported by CVU’S international Reputation for excellence, will definitely take you to your dream Career.

Proven industry experience

        The best benefits we recommend you to take advantage Of are internship, industry work placement and creative & Collaborative project opportunities. More than half of our Programs offer local or international work placements, which Certainly help you implement your knowledge in the outside world. Our academics are connected with expert industry partners, Businesses and organizations so as to deliver relevant, practical And industry aligned knowledge.

World-class education

        The experience gained at CVU is sufficient to stand out From the crowd and make a difference in your field of interest. We Focus on teaching , learning and research, keeping our Collaboration with industry and communities in the center. We Work in close vicinity with industry partners in order to ensure that Our programs are always aligned to current and future needs Of professions, industries and organizations. Industry-based Learning will be at the heart of your education experience, which is

Why we assure to deliver the real practical experience for personal Development and strong employment prospects. Classes include A combination of work integrated learning & lectures, seminars, Practice.

Education in hundreds of disciplines

        Teaching and learning at CVU stands out across Hundreds of disciplines including Management,Business, Commerce, Trade, Economics, Entrepreneurship, History, Geography, Law, Education, Linguistics, Computer Science, Information Systems, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, Communication, Media Studies, Statistics, Operational Research, Modern Languages, Earth & Marine Sciences, Environmental Science, and Sociology.

Active and varied learning

        To support your study at CVU, we offer modern lecture Theatres,break-out study areas, innovative learning hubs, state- Of-the –art laboratories, field stations, well-resourced libraries, 24- Hour computer suites, and an Academic Skills Center

CVU Exchange program

        We introduce you to a number of universities in other Countries, more than 150 exchange partner institutions, and Industry connections across the globe.

A supportive community

        CVU provides you with every essential resources and Support including confidential tutorials, workshops, short courses, And primary health care & health cover.